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WANTED for STPR first timer

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WANTED for STPR first timer --

Pillow, blanket, room key, towels/soap and enough space to put up my army cot at STPR. More than willing to split expenses on the ratio of #occupants/room's price (or whatever's fair -- open to negotiations on this one). All my other personal expenses on me, just looking for somewhere to hang my head overnight. Am going to be worker at event, most likely the traditional service radio gig at Germania service.
Sorta looking to arrive Wellsboro early afternoon Friday, maybe earlier depending if I get a wild hair and bug out of Dayton early.
Know anyone who might be interested in such a deal? Something somewhere relatively close to action central is preferred. (This all refers to a room...I'm just not into the rugged outdoors camping lifestyle...).

Charlie KA8OQF

PS Email a response or post contact info here, your choice.
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