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So what we have here, 1981 Volvo 240 2 door, all the cage and metal work was done by Russ at Racetech. I bought it as a "out of money" project from someone. It's titled, log booked, and currently a roller. I got it with the thoughts of finishing it, but my timing was way off with school and junk. But I didn't want to let it pass through my fingers while I figured out if I could do anything with it right now. So I figure I would pass it on for someone to finish.

As I wasn't part of the build but tried to keep up on all the things that was done to it, I will list all I can, but the more I look at the car, the more things I find.

The cage is one of the more over the top cages I have seen, more tube than is required but it should make you feel safe.

Currently sits an LT1 in the engine bay with a T5. I was exploring the LS engine world for this, and because Volvo sold LS and chevy small blocks engines for their boat line this was a legal swap for RA.

The whole engine assembly is pushed back about 6-8" for better weight balance.

Front subframe is out of a second gen rx7, this gives you a more modern front suspension with aluminum control arms.

JVL super bitchen suspenders on all four corners.

Fancy 4 link with watts link all on a toyota 8" truck axle, has disc brake swap.

ATL 22 gal fuel cell that meets the FIA FT-3 bladder requirement, moved to the back seat area, this. Inclosed fill area that is routed to the side window to keep it all legal.

Seating position is moved back about 8". Steering wheel and pedals moved back also. Brakes are a dual master cylinder set up with a balance bar.

Steering wheel is an OMP with sparco quick release hub.

Brand new set of Lassa 195/65-15

The list goes on and on, I honestly don't think I could give a full list of things that have been done to the car because I haven't seen all of them yet. But everything was done with the idea of strength and overkill.

I have front and rear glass, and side windows in plexiglass, both bumpers and grill and headlights.

$5000 obo

PM me for a number

Here's a link for a bunch of build pictures. The car is currently in Vancouver in the girlfriends garage so if you want to come take a look or want more pictures just let me know.

http://s112.photobucket.com/user/mellow65/library/volvo big

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