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Hello, my name is Daryl.

I am 34 years old. I have been racing for the past 14 years. I have raced karts, dwarfs, Rx7's, Mr2's, currently a Formula Ford. I have always done all of my own prep work. I also help crew on a Rx7 road race car and have been hired crew on a Late Model Sportsman car.

I am looking to get involved with a local (So.Cal) rally team. Don't care what type of car, just want somebody who is organized and serious about their effort (has to have a pleasant disposition too). I am not seeking compensation, just don't want to have to pay to "volunteer". I am comfortable with a wrench, alignment tools, scales and duct tape. My limitations are gearboxes, transaxles and FI. I have a good working knowledge of electronics.

My goal is to continue road-racing my formula ford (life-long hobby) while working my way upto/into a co-driver position for a pro team.

If interested, please e-mail
[email protected]

Subject:rally help
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Thanks for your consideration!
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