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So, I was catching up on my AutoWeek back issues and came across their Driving School Directory in the 3 March 2003 issue. Ordinarily, I pass right by this advertising insert, but for some reason this time I looked through it and came across an ad for the VIR Euro Rally school, located near Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA. Since I live in South Jersey (just across the river from the City of Brotherly Love) and the school is only an eight hour drive from here, I'm trying to find out if anyone knows what the deal is on this school and if it's worth going. They advertise an eight mile gravel stage road and SCCA ProRally License Courses, with more information available on their website at http://www.vireurorally.com/index.html

Thanks in advance to all who comment.

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> VIR's website is http://www.virclub.com/index.htm and you
>can get area, schedules, accomodations info there.
> Perhaps soon someone will put together a rallysprint at
>the VIR rallycourse.

The Chattanooga Region has 3 Rallysprints planned for Saturday July 19, Saturday September 6, and Saturday October 25. Each day will consist of 2 or 3 sprints using the stage multiple times for each sprint. On each Sunday, we plan on running a rallycross as well. Keep an eye on the Chattanooga Region website at www.rivergate5speed.com for more information.

Wilson von Kessler
Chattanooga Region SCCA Rally Programs Co-chair
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