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I was lucky enough to have my wife come with us to Tall Pines. She got a VIP ticket because there was no way she was going to stay @ service all day(my phisical well being would've been at risk).

I have to say that after hearing her comments we are both really impressed with it. Everything run like clockwork, the buses were very nice (they had a badroom which provides a really nice alternative to women that usually HATE porta p.). The VIP even included a tour of the stages in one of the buses where a driver (or navigator she couldn't tell me) explained the road and things happening in the car (this i thought was very cool).
The food and in particular dessert was great.
One of the funny things that happen was that some people outside the VIP spectator areas would throw snow balls or chant "VIP you are not better than us" or "VIP i love you!" :)


Emilio Arce
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