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videos from long ago

I finally had some old videos I've had for a long time transfered to dvd(thanks to Scott Comens) and have posted them online.

The rallysprint was in September 1979 held north of Kitchener Ontario. It was filmed by the CBC and was only broadcast once.


The 1982 Muskoka Rally was filmed by the local cable company in North Bay and as far as I know it was not broadcast and I have the only copy.


The quality of the videos is not very good and there is no sound. I can't fix the quality since they were dubbed from old vcr tape and as for sound, I'm going to edit in some tunes later when I learn how.
I should have the 1979 Criterium Rally online in the next few days.
Any questions on who's who in the videos, please ask. I'm sure you will recognize a much younger John Buffum and Taisto Heinonen. Strange thing is john Bellefleur looks the same!


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RE: videos from long ago

You can't put these up without telling us what happened to the co-driver of the Datsun that rolled over into the water!

EDIT: Co-driver. I got disoriented too from being upside down.
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