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I'm posting this for Ted Mendham, but echo his thanks to the organizers and workers of the event. It was a fantastic event and I was glad to count myself among the finishers!

<From Ted>
Thank you John Buffum, Ted Goddard, all of the workers and NER-SCCA for putting on another great endurance road rally. Rallies that run all through the night, really give competitors a chance to prove whether or not they really do do their best work in the dark! ;-)

This event which allegedly has been running for years, but only properly sanctioned for the last few, could have benefited from larger snowbanks, but other than that, I think the whole thing came off very well.

There were about 40 cars entered. And I am a bit fuzzy on all of the results. Ted Goddard hopes to have full results posted on the NER site, by the end of the week. I think Bob Johnston and Rob Bohn were the overall winners. Andrew Steere navigated for myself in a silver Subaru WRX that we were shaking out in anticipation of running in the Canadian Rally Championship this season. I think we came in 9th overall. Andrew and Brett Rudolf (who sat with Mike White at VWR) have been spending many nights helping out in my mostly unheated garage trying to get this little piggybank of a Subaru ready.

Thanks guys!

Ted Mendham

'is the engine bogging?'
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><From Ted>
>There were about 40 cars entered. And I am a bit fuzzy on all
>of the results. Ted Goddard hopes to have full results posted
>on the NER site, by the end of the week. I think Bob Johnston
>and Rob Bohn were the overall winners.

Wow, Ted - I didn't know I did so well! }(

Did you maybe mean Frank Beyer navigated for Bob?

Another Rob

P.S. Actually I've been wanting to run this event for years as I have a sister in Woodstock but my schedule never coincides...

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Um, I talked to Frank Beyer this afternoon (as we were skedded to run but I had to bail out at the last minute) - he said he was off watching some basketball game Saturday.

So who did win this thing?

Frank and I were second last year and had really hoped to do just the littlest bit better this year to take the win.

stuck down in Georgia where there's no snow, anywhere ...

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OK, I dug out the entry list.

I know it was a white WRX with Ohio plates. Ted and I leapfrogged the car the whole last section. That would probably make the winners Ron Johnson Baugh of Wadsworth, OH, and Jack von Kaenel of Arlington, VA. At least that's who's listed as the starters for that car.

Had a great time shaking down Ted's new rally beast, a PGT 02 WRX (planning to be at Perce Neige next week with Lise in the navigator's seat and Brett Rudolf, Mike White and me as the service crew). Between the iffy grip, white outs, dust that rivaled Maine Summer in places, my uncanny ability to get us lost several times, and only so many more nights to work on the car before Perce Neige, we elected to run conservatively, but still had fun.

Fell for most of the traps in section 1, missed a big turn on the map section that caused us to miss a control (and take a 10+ mile detour), and definitely gave Ted plenty of opportunity to practice handbrake turns all evening long. The all night bit didn't start to hurt me until about 5 am (and I was running on but two Cokes and a Full Throttle drink).

Managed to stay away from the constabulary (although we thought we were going to get pulled when we saw the Mini crew talking to an officer), not have any run ins with locals, and basically were able to "run silent, run deep".

Thank you John and Ted for putting together such an excellent event, I hope it runs again. And a _big_ thank you to the control crews for giving up such a fun night to work and let us play!!!!

--Andrew Steere
Lyndeborough, NH

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