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Mark introduced me to some of these sites. I find myself going frequently. They have a single sale item and when it's gone then have a new item. I've seen stuff as high as 90% off and have bought a few things through them. Just thought I'd share.

Mostly apparell like you'd find at a skate/snow shop. Occasionally random things like surf boards. Current Item: Rip Curl Board Shorts - $13.99, 72% off

Like REI type stuff. Camping gear, apparell, tents, etc. Mostly name brand stuff. Current Item: Primus MultiFuel EX Stove w/ ErgoPump - $64.27, 50% off

Bike stuff.

New one, but I think it's mostly ski and snowboard gear.

One random item per day until it's gone. Everything from TVs to Roombas to batteries to coffee machines. There's also a wine.woot
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