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Is a USAC license needed for co-drivers for NASA national events ? The license app info seems to indicate that a USAC license in needed for ALL competitors (i.e. co-drivers included) at NASA national events. However, the license app form only includes boxes for Driver, and Car entrant owner. Is this just an anomaly on the form ?


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Alan is correct.

NASA Rally Sport/USAC does not separate driver and co-driver licenses. NASA/USAC view both as rally competitors. Driver qualifications and ranking are based on driving experience and past performance. Sorry for the confusion.

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Just a clarification:

<Is a USAC license needed for co-drivers for NASA national events ?

The United States Rally Championship, America’s premier rally
championship, consists of Federation Internationale de L’Automobile
FIA) internationally listed events sanctioned by the United States
Auto Club (USAC) and presented by the National Auto Sport
Association (NASA). More information on the Championship is
available on the series website at www.usrallychampionship.com. More
information on USAC is available at www.usacracing.com, on NASA at
www.nasarallysport.com and on FIA at www.fia.com.

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Audi UrQ: Looks like the short answer is: yes.

Both competitors need a USAC license to run the USAC part of the event. (Unless someone is using an FIA license. FIA licenses are allowed to compete, but score no championship points.) If you entered the regional rallies, both would need a NASA license or mix/match a USAC license. (With, as a reminder, the USAC license being the "national Nasa Rally Sport license" so to speak.)

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