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Posting from my hotel on my pocketpc, hope this works. These are not facts, just what I think I might have remembered. Haha.

After 4 stages, Pat Richard won 3 of 4 stages, the one he lost, was by approx. 10 minutes.

I've never seen Mark Utecht drive so fast and smooth. I predict he will win the whole rally if he doesn't make any mistakes.

Dennis Martin hit me with about 25 rocks at the crossroads on stage 4.

Henry Krolikowski may have got turned around on ss5 at the ranch, causing some tension for a bit.

It sounded like stage 6 was cancelled, but it was hard to get any info. I believe there may have been a big off. Hopefully nobody was hurt if that is the case.

It sounded like they may have sent the competitors from 6 to 8, skipping ss7.

SS8 went thru the crossroads again, the opposite direction of the infamous yump. Utecht was flying regardless.

Attrition appears to be low, we had some light rain but it was still dusty in some areas.

That is all for now, I'm tired. My apologies for any incorrect information.

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I just check my phone messages and I got a phone call from John Dillon and at 9:24 am they had a narrow margin lead. The car is doing fine and hardly any problems. The roads are great and hardly any dust.

Laughlin O'Sullivan is hungry for a national win and is on their tails at the moment and Pat and Natalie Richard are having engine problems, but Leon and John are watching their backs. They know Pat and Natalie are ferious competitors, and have the rally on and never give up attitude.

The Widget team wants to wish Mark Adkins a speedy recovery from his injuries and glad to know he will be okay. Plus his co-driver (Jeff Atiksson)...we are glad to know he is doing fine and was able to walk out of the hospital.

More info if I hear from them soon. The phone coverage is sparse up there.

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1. o'sullivan
2. lloyd
3. utecht
4. workum
5. bottoms
6. martin
7. anton
8. whiteman
9. nelson
10. richard

paul bunyan
1. bottoms
2. workum
3. gilligan

10k lakes
1. workum
2. gilligan
3. bottoms

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Steve Gingras and I were just running the ClubRallys. We were not so quick on Friday. We started to pull it together towards the end, but it was too little, too late. We finished 4th.

I think we had gotten it together on Saturday and could have given Gilligan a run for his money (though Workum in his Super WRX and Bottoms were probably out of reach), but the dogbox lost 3rd gear somewhere towards the beginning of the second stage, which was too fast for 2nd and too slow for 4th, so we finished the stage and called it a day in order to try and stop the remains of 3rd gear from finding somewhere bad to hide.

A couple of months ago, I managed to get hold of Loeb's cap from the Wales Rally GB last year and have been wearing it to rallies, hoping it would bring me some luck. Well it seems to be doing the opposite, so I will be leaving it at home from now on!

Anyway, kudos to Mark and Jeff for putting in a fantastic run.

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