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I understand that the STI might be a good street car, but it seems that the marketing department at subaru and reality are heading in different directions. They adverise the WRX and the sti as a "street legal rally car". (Kinda redundant since all rally cars are street legal, but that's not my point.) The STI is intended to steal the thunder from the release of the EVO, but selling it as a "rally car" is not accurate. Someone will undoubtedly build one for rally use over here, but that person will "pay the price" both competitively and financially.

Competitively the STI will suffer a large price from that extra 0.5 liter of displacement that requires it to breathe through a smaller restrictor. Financially you will suffer because there are relatively few "go fast goodies" for the 2.5 liter turbo engine as compared to the 2.0t. Everywhere else in the world the 2.0t is the standard, and there are huge knowledge resources avaiable. The initial devlopment costs of these parts will be borne by the first individuals that wish to give it a shot.

The STI will be a fun street machine, but I don't see it being the dominant threat that some people think it will be.

P.S. If anyone has one, or is getting on in the Seattle area, I wouldn't mind taking it for a spin... }>
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