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Uh- oh , STi = 2.5

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Look at this poop, not being a huge fan of the sube's,
I imagine this will loose them some more.
blah knak. slippers.

"i put the hurt on dirt"
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While I agree with you, I dont think Subaru cares one bit about if anyone uses the car for a rally car, they want to sell to the "bling, bling, I have a triple deck wing" crowd. That crowd couldnt care less what size the engine is, and they are the ones who will make money for Subaru, not us.
How do you figure? Its not GrN legal, and needs the same prep as a 2.0 WRX for Open, only class it will be a "monster" for out of the box is maybe PGT, and that is a THIN class.
Be VERY careful Morgan, you sounded just like John V there for a second. ;)
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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