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Getting ready to get my tires for Nationals and I am looking for info from people with Kumho experience at TW/100AW. What compound?

On the stages of the N.W. I ran the hard compound for my entire season. I had good success with these on my car. But I know that the surface is different and I am hoping for a little Kumho comradery.. hehe

I will take all advice please!

Thanks for the info!

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While I don't have any knowledge about Kumhos that is likely to help you, I can offer you a peek at the 100AW roads used two years ago thanks to John Dillon's videotaping of our run to a CRNC title. Go here -- http://www.realautosport.com/multimedia_downloads.htm -- right click a file, Save Target As to your hard drive and enjoy.

Basically, the roads are county-maintained gravel, more technical than fast, I'd say they have a very similar tempo to Oregon Trail roads near Tillamook without such precipitous (nor scenic) elevation changes.


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