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FYI, entries are open for the 2003 Trespassers Wil C(2)(40+/- Stage Miles)/100 Acre Wood C(3)(90+/- Stage Miles) CRNC weekend in Beautiful snow-covered central Missouri (the middle of EVERYWHERE). We are currently limited to 60 entries. Supps are up as well. See www.100aw.org

Entries will be accepted for both events starting January 2nd. From January 2nd through January 15th, starting status will be reserved for ClubRally National Championship invitees and valid ?H? class (as defined in the NPRR) entries only. On January 16th, all others will be granted starting status in the order in which they were postmarked. From January 16th on all entries will be accepted on a first-com, first served basis without regard to status of entry.

Registrar is [email protected]
Chairman is [email protected]

As of the present we have NOT arranged for data capture on the .pdf entry form file (ala Sno*Drift), so print it out and send it! (We're working on it, but the check will determine the entry date anyway).

We are looking for any entrants who are willing to arrive by Thursday morning, February 20th for Public Relations events. We are trying to schedule some cars on the St. Louis TV morning show ("live from the plaza"), and need vehicles willing to do school presentations in Dent, Reynolds, and Iron counties. Please let either the Registrar or me know if you're available to help with that....thanks.

Kim DeMotte
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NEDiv from Beryl Ann:

It's my understanding that the third place is an "alternate".

1 John Drislane
2 Brendan Cunningham
3 Patrick Lilly
1 Jonathan Bottoms
2 Tim Stevens
3 Michael Reidy
1 Todd Bourdette
2 Howard Richards
3 Paul Kelbel
1 John Groo
2 William Bacon
3 Paulo Duarte
1 William Tremmel
2 Brian Goss
3 Piotr Motykiewicz

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Sue at the National Office has the names and should be getting the invites out shortly. Mostly, you all know who you are...

They were delayed because of a couple of events late in the year... Paris changed a couple of places in CenDiv, for example, as did the Hallett C1s.

The third place is no longer an alternate...the ClubRally Stewards voted last year to invite the top three. The "third place as an alternate" procedure was just too cumbersome. When all Divisions start sending 15 cars, we may have to change, but as of now, it's three per class per Division.


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TW/100 AW/CRNC news ...

In my capacity as a ClubRally Steward I'm responsible for filling the event steward slots at Midwest Division stage rallies. I am happy to announce that our new ClubRally Series Manager, Jim Kloosterman, has agreed to serve as Event Steward in Missouri next month. Jim has been involved in most every facet of stateside rallying since the 70s and served as ProRally event steward at STPR as recently as 2001. Join me in welcoming Jim to SCCA ClubRally! And thanks Jim!

Beryl Ann Burton, PRB member and the previous CRSM will be safety steward for TW/100AW/CRNC.

Halley ...
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