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I was navigating for Jardevall at that event.

We had a very slim lead, just a couple of seconds, Ralph was annoyingly :p fast that day and we were trading a few seconds each way every stage. I do remember that had Ralph and Joe not been in front of us on the road (two cars as I remember with Janice Damitio in between us) it definately would have been Carl and I in that ditch. The first two wheel drive car, or more importantly the first rear wheel drive car that got there was going in. This was before course notes and even though it was in the route book you carried a lot of speed into that section.

I see that corner every now and again with Pa Tabor and I in the Sentra and I remember it, how could I forget, it's named for Ralph in the route book!

John Elkin
"Don't go where the road don't go."- Ringo Starr
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