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>What I remember:
>Ralph Kosmedes was driving his Supra turbo. I think it was
>Wild West. I remember a piece of in-car footage from the
>speedvision coverage where the dome light came on, Ralph
>reached up to turn it off and then rolled in the next
>What I don't remember:
>What year was it?
>Was it really Wild West?
>I remember that he was leading 2wd at the time, is that

I'm not sure Ralph would want to relive this, but I believe I can give you accurate information.

1998, Wild West.

If I remember right, the Overall 2wd fight was just shaping up. Ralph, Carl Jardevall (G5) and Dave White (G2) where running within a 10-15 seconds of each other, and I do believe Ralph was barely leading.

The part the Video didn't show (it was ESPN2 in 1998) was that the corner Ralph went off was the slickest corner of that stage, definately a gotcha in slickness.
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