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RE: unfortunate accident

Ed said:
>If anyone truly thinks its not attributable to the rally,
>they are either dreaming or a lawyer.

Since I'm no lawyer I guess you can call me a dreamer, but I simply do not understand the logic in your staatement. We can get philisophical and contend the accident wouldn't have happened had the rally not been in the area, but since the rally was complete, the results official, the awards handed out and no one was instructed to do anything further that night I can't see how SCCA or any of us running in, officiating at or working the rally have anything to do with the accident. There was at least one team (maybe more) who stayed in Ellington Friday night, got up the next morning and drove (or towed) to Salem for the beginning of 100AW events. You're telling me that SCCA and/or event participants could be implicated if one of those teams suffered a similar accident early Saturday morning? That would make no sense either, but I have faith that at least half the lawyers and insurance agents involved will try to ascribe blame where it defies all logic.

>"What will the locals think?"
> Thats the only question that is pertinent.

Absolutely. From what I have heard the community is concerned but not alarmed. Accidents, after all, happen. Had that rally car been speeding, crossing double-yellow lines and/or passing a string of cars irresponsibly I believe the tone & timbre of the local response would be FAR different - and rightfully so.

You get the opportunity to comnmunicate with a lot of locals as stage captain at four ATCs and I'm happy to report that every interaction I had with civilians - armed or not - over two days was WAY cordial and I was frankly amazed at how in-depth their knowledge and understanding of the overall event was. So far as I'm concerned the extent to which Kim and his crew went to educate and inform paid off in spades. A few locals I chatted with Saturday mentioned knowledge of the Friday night accident, expressed concern for all three occupants but said nothing negative about the rally or its future. To date, I believe the answer to your question is that the locals remain happy with our rally community visiting their hometowns and leaving our money there.

Halley ...
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