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Trespassers Wil

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Seamus Burke did what is expected, ran away from the field.

The Group 2 Isuzu Impulse of Randy Bailey/Will Perry is flying too - fifth overall in a field that had eleven finishers in Open! And this may be the most economically prepared car there. Stock springs, cheap (not rally) shocks, motor never out of the car. I think this is 12 wins in 12 finishes for the Isuzu, Club and Pro.

I notice the top ten is all what some here call Jap Junk. And the British cars seem to be holding up better, on average, than the German cars!
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RE: unfortunate accident

If anyone truly thinks its not attributable to the rally, they are either dreaming or a lawyer.

"What will the locals think?"
Thats the only question that is pertinent.

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