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Pete Morris. Received a phone call this evening from someone who wants to use Treeline as a guinea pig for an invention he is working on. I am looking for 2 cars that are in close proximity to Lakewood, whose owners would permit their vehicles to be fitted with transponders with no cost to them. This will enable us to track the 2 cars at all times whenever they are on stage. It will also enable the operator to post stage times on the Internet as they come in. He is hoping to market this item for all in the low 3 digits with a low monthly payment for satellite access. This will assist Stage Start and Finish Controls who will still use their system for backup should this system fail. The system is called "Near Real Time Internet Tracking". Contact me if you are interested and I will get you hooked up. Let's get into 2003 before anyone else does and cheaper too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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