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Looking for interest from people that need their cars transported to events for 2004. Especially the west coast and Colorado events.

I will be running the entire season (not Pikes Peak) in 2004 and will be purchasing a transporter to get to all the events. Current plans call for a Class 7 or 8 box truck that will transport my vehicle and work as my service truck, or service multiple vehicles. That means I'm available to haul vehicles in my trailer (more interest means bigger trailer).

Right now there are a lot of options for someone that is interested. Whatever the case, I will provide enough space for your rally car and your support equipment at a minimum. Price for this is comparable and probably less than just getting your vehicle transported on an open carrier to a depot drop (and they just haul your car, not the extras).

Anyway, I'm not looking to make a living at this, just cover some costs and provide a service to fellow participants. I'm going, so somebody else might as well come along for the ride. The truck I'm getting won't care if it hauls 1 car or 5 cars.

Send me a message offline to discuss the options and details.


Kevin Wesley
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