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Since I keep breaking my car this year, I figure why not try to earn some expense money.

Transportation for car and equipment from Lansing, MI area to Maine Forest Rally. It's pretty simple, split expenses out and back. Your car can even ride in the truck and mine on the trailer if your's is in better shape.

Service seems pretty simple in Maine, so truck will be available for service for both vehicles. You bring your own tools, canopy, jack, etc... More than enough room in the truck for all your tires, spares, etc... Truck has electricity and air.

Truck has room for 5. At most I will bring one crew member, so at least 3 others can tag along. Must provide at least one willing driver for the overnight haul and service travel. Plan on leaving MI around 5:00pm on July, 28. It's probably 18+ hours since I don't really want to do the Canadian crossing (those truck lines are huge at the border and a search would be a real PIA). We could make it in 16+, but that's a long way to hold it. We'd have enough fuel though. Plan on leaving for an overnight jaunt back after awards (if necessary).

Not a bad deal for those that might be on the edge of go/no go. I think everyone will save a few bucks and some wear on your service rig.


Kevin Wesley
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