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To the new Director of Performance Rally:

Congratulations on your new job. We're an impatient, rowdy lot, and of late become a bit anxious about our sport, but we're glad you've stepped up to the accept the tasks at hand.

I'd say you've got your work cut out for you, to wit:[ul]
[li]You need to balance a variety of interests, an abundance of personalities, and a huge collection of issues.
[li]You need to restore confidence in the Club Rally program, build a National Rally program, and maintain the Pro Rally program.
[li]You've got keep the manufacturers happy while figuring out a way to make the privateers happy.
[li]You've got to identify ways to reduce costs to organizers and participants instead of wasting money trying to force your competition to raise their costs.
[li]You've got to clarify and stabilize rules and make them fair for all and uniformly applied.
[li]You've got to significantly improve the SCCA program instead of spinning wheels trying to injure other programs.
[li]You've got to learn to take the blows of the masses, aimed poorly or well, and smile with each kick received.
[li]You've got to answer to one president, two manufacturers, a few sponsors, eleven area directors, dozens of organizers, hundreds of racers, thousands of members, and tens of thousands of non-member enthusiasts.
[li]You've got the make the PRB feel valuable and useful.
[li]You need to convince the membership that their input is welcome and fairly considered.
[li]You've got to improve communication, remembering that communication is, by definition, bidirectional.
[li]And you need to do it all right now.
Welcome to your new job. We're glad to have you on board.

John Dillon
Former this, former that, current other
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