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To the new Director of Performance Rally:

Congratulations on your new job. We're an impatient, rowdy lot, and of late become a bit anxious about our sport, but we're glad you've stepped up to the accept the tasks at hand.

I'd say you've got your work cut out for you, to wit:[ul]
[li]You need to balance a variety of interests, an abundance of personalities, and a huge collection of issues.
[li]You need to restore confidence in the Club Rally program, build a National Rally program, and maintain the Pro Rally program.
[li]You've got keep the manufacturers happy while figuring out a way to make the privateers happy.
[li]You've got to identify ways to reduce costs to organizers and participants instead of wasting money trying to force your competition to raise their costs.
[li]You've got to clarify and stabilize rules and make them fair for all and uniformly applied.
[li]You've got to significantly improve the SCCA program instead of spinning wheels trying to injure other programs.
[li]You've got to learn to take the blows of the masses, aimed poorly or well, and smile with each kick received.
[li]You've got to answer to one president, two manufacturers, a few sponsors, eleven area directors, dozens of organizers, hundreds of racers, thousands of members, and tens of thousands of non-member enthusiasts.
[li]You've got the make the PRB feel valuable and useful.
[li]You need to convince the membership that their input is welcome and fairly considered.
[li]You've got to improve communication, remembering that communication is, by definition, bidirectional.
[li]And you need to do it all right now.
Welcome to your new job. We're glad to have you on board.

John Dillon
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US Rally needs a great outside industry SPONSOR

Most of this, if not all would be taken care of without the manufactures buying leverage of the Club and there (manufactures)influence of the rules / TV program.

Manufacures should only offer racer support NOT factory teams, at this time in the US Rally Series.

just my opinion :)

Eric Eaton


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Yes and to add to that, the MONEY that the sponsor pays should NOT be put into the SCCA's general coffers but used to LOWER ENTRY FEES AT ALL RALLIES and/or provide product that is actually relevant and usable at-cost or free to the average competitor (no, I don't need 110 octane fuel, thanks)


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Skye Poier (Seattle WA)
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