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Classic Tim!
A good show have a listen.

[link:www.nhpr.org/view_summary/1/| NHPR Website]


"Go fast then bah bah bah"
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I agree - Classic Tim. I just wish he didn't talk about barely escaping so many times and about other deaths.

My MOM was listening!!!


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Just a couple of the classic quotes to whet your apetite :

- we're like the special forces of racing

- optimism and denial will get you out of everything

- w.r.t. pendulum turns: it's either beautiful or ugly depending on how you approach it

- w.r.t. crashing : somtimes pacing yourself keeps you from doing stupid things

- yeah, there's a lot of money in the sport. unfortunately it's all going out, not coming in.

- (rally driving) .. it's perfect for people with A.D.D.


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