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First off, let me agree that the roads were a little fast. Talking with some of the organizational staff and running around up there all weekend an interesting point came up. For the twistier roads (and there were some very good ones), risk management and the safety stewards go balistic or there are so many people living on them that its hard to get the permits to run a stage on the road. Part of what is so damn difficult is that rallying is relatively new in CO compared to other locals, we don't have any long standing events with good community support. People don't move into an area kind of knowing this goes on once a year, so many of the roads we would be permitted to use we just can't.

If you want stupid twisty roads we can do that, lots of miles of logging roads, but the burden to do this would be too large for the competitors or the organizers to bear, even together (I can think of 15 miles of road with about 120 elevation changes and about 200 turns, this is continious road that would be very easy to control but would probably take a couple grand in excavating fees to get suitable, and then you guys would call it too dangerous).

Part of me thinks if you aren't comfortable with the speed slow down, there is no such thing as a safe speed or a safe way to go fast. Be honest guys, all you compete because of some weird little thing in you that makes you want to strap yourself into a rocketship of a car and go out and test your skill by trying to go as fast on possible on some of the most harrowing roads you can find. Rally is the ultimate test of driver skill, that includes judgement on when enough is too much.

I heard some gripes, from competitors, press, and spectators, this is normal and well, whatever. I really think those of you out there that competed really owe it to yourselves and the guys that spent months working on Cog for you to give the organizers as much feedback (criticism and suggestions, don't like something fine, don't like something and don't suggest on how to make it better might as well not speak up at all) as you can give. One thing you'll find true is that just about anyone that goes to a lot of rallys will see that Cog has a great Organizing committee that is very committed. They want to do the best job they can, they need your help to make things better, and they need your support to make the changes happen. If you didn't like the roads, let them know what you would like, and keep coming back so they can afford to go through the changes. Many more 37 entrant fields and Cog will die, if thats what you want fine, but there is a dedicated group of people trying to put this thing on and if you support them they will keep working harder and harder.

The photo stuff, because, well, I am a photographer.

First I would like to thank some people. I would like to thank car 91, car 52, car 83, car 523, car 418, car 89, and the cars I can't remember because I am so tired right now that supported us as the official photographers of the rally. We did the best we could given our obligations to get the best variety and quantity of photos for you to chose from as possible, your patronism helps us to keep on doing it. Back runners/also ran types, I have to admit I am a little dissapointed. After hearing all the gripes about how nobody ever stays to take your photo very very very few of you seemed interested or came by to look when we had atleast one photo of all of you and in most cases 3-15. When you don't look at or buy whats there from the few people that hang aroudn the entire time it becomes hard for those people to keep doing it.

Now for the mushy stuff.

Congrats to Leon and John on continued success in the state. Congrats to Doug Havir for finishing and finishing strong. A special congrats to Pat and Nat for your very strong performance, impending mark on NA rally history, and for surviving the berms in the SuperSpecial (well kinda ;)). Congrats to all the new drivers that finished, and all the teams that finished as well. Congrats to the Moberlys for being stupid fast until that unfortunate reckoning with a cattle guard, you guys were flying and nobody there was unimpressed. Congrats to Aaron McConnel for the second best time at the SuperSpecial on day one, and for such a strong performance before the water pump died and things went downhill from there.

Last but not least, a special thanks to everybody that raced, worked, spectated, crewed, or was there in some other capacity. Rally in CO just feels right to me, and without you guys we couldn't do these events. I loved watching it and every tense am I going to make it to my spot on time moment.

Kevin Hahn
Photographer, rambler, muse, and tired SOB.

PS watch the Cog site for more photos if you didn't come by and see us at the rally!

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I have to admit I am a
>little dissapointed. After hearing all the gripes about how
>nobody ever stays to take your photo very very very few of
>you seemed interested or came by to look when we had atleast
>one photo of all of you and in most cases 3-15. When you
>don't look at or buy whats there from the few people that
>hang aroudn the entire time it becomes hard for those people
>to keep doing it.
Might have something to do with the fact that there were only 37 entries?

Also see this, post #72. It looks like some weren't aware of what you were trying to do.

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