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I'd like to see the red cross & OK signs as the back cover of each stagenotes book. Currently, they are only printed on the routebook. However, many (most)codrivers have the routebook tucked away during the stage when they are reading from the stagenotes. With the red cross/OK sign as the back cover of the stagenotes, the codriver will have it available in their hands should an accident occur during the stage. Those of us who have rolled (and everyone else who will) know how upside down and backward locating jumbled and tossed items are in a rolled car which could make for locating the routebook's red cross/OK sign difficult.
PSport does not print the stagenote books. Those who do should give this some thought.

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Here's a simple upgrade that helps make each crew more responsible for safety on stage--carry your own OK/Red Cross signs, set up ahead of time for instant deployment.

We have OK/Red Cross signs mounted on 2 foamboard sheets that zip-tie together at the top like a sandwich board. Flip em one way for OK, or flip em the other way to ask for help.The signs are self-supporting, weatherproof, and reflective....whoa, what a concept!

It's so much better (and much more visible) to put out a sign like this than it is to plaster your route book over the back window in the rain. Besides, your route book is too important to ruin this way.

We tested our new signs for real at Tall Pines when we went off on the first stage after a crest, and the car was partially blocking the road. We ran out the new signs and couple triangles and poof, no close calls with cars flying over the crest, no collisions, no problem.

We've also mounted a large reflective-tape triangle under the trunk lid. With the trunk open, this is easily visible from WAY down the road--a comforting thought when you're changing a flat on stage in the pitch black while it's sleeting.

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Just read this thread and thought of newbies or "risk management" looking in.
What a horrible sport!
rolling over, blocking road, changing flat, rain, sleet, pitch black, flying, collision, poof!
And that's just in everyday conversation.

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RE: impressions


But again - and evo wing makes it out unscathed! (at least it seems okay)

This is a thing a few buddies and I have noticed - Evo wings never seem to get damaged - they should make the whole car out of wings:p
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