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Hello ,
My Client asked me to bring to your notice that payment will be made
to you by means of a cashier check in the amount of ($80,000)This
amount he asked me to let you know would come in this form due to an
earlier order he made with a Company in the States but did not go
through due to delay in Shippment of goods he ordered.
To conclude the transaction,Send your Name, Phone # and Address to
enable my Client forward it to the Company to make out the check in
your Name. When the check gets to you,you are to refund the excess
amount of ($10,000) to his Shipper via western union money Or money
gram transfer immediately to enable him arrange for the Shipping of
the vehicle on time.So confirm this and provide the information for
payment to be sent to you via priority mail.

they saw my ad to sell My Evo for $70.000

don't cut
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This thread should probably be in Off Topic although it is a rally car for sale. But to see how one person has handled this, go to frudster.com

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I've got three on the hook as I speak. I've already told them, no cashier's cheques, but they keep coming back for more!

I am not here anymore
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I had four such "offers" for my GTX TSD car, which is for sale on rallyclassifieds.com. Three of them picked up onto the fact that I knew they were trying to scam me pretty quick, but I was able to dangle one guy along for a while.

He claimed to represent a Swedish car reseller. He gave an English sounding name, but the message contained typos like I see in e-mail from native Chinese speakers that I work with. His e-mail address was out of a Hong Kong ISP. After a series of exchanges working out details of payment, I told him that I could take a cashier's check because I had heard of too many scams with cashier's checks and after that he stopped answering my e-mail.

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