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"And maybe you could help me with it........"
Recently a long standing event organised by somebody in this sport actively longer than possibly anybody around save a few exceptions, was dropped from the National series for what is obvious to any half honest person for personality conflict and a show of muscle.
The oafish-al reason given were in detail not really important, the overarching reason was the EVENT was not up to some imagined
STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONALISM, and the PRB had lost confidence in the performance of the Event organising crew.

Well if that's the standard for dropping things, failure to live up to some imagined levels of Professionalism,
Shouldn't everybody in any way at all connected or touching on the whole incredibly un-professional business of a) lack of series sponsor, then b) THE BUNGLED BS ANNOUNCEMENT; Then nothing, then REANOUNCEMENT themn excuses and then for sure for sure then
NOTHING HOW MANY TIMES pull out their short swords, spread the tatami mats and write their last poem?

I see it as even worse than having 1 eevent in an entire series having some niggling problems,
this is a supposedly HUGE announcement.
The handling at every level of this is a incredible amaturish joke.

This is not aimed at the poor kid Garrett, if he doesn't have any info to release from his superiors, it's pretty hard to write an "Urgent!!!FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!!!!!!!" press release, I imagine he's as embarassed as can be.
But by the standards of the PRB unanimous decision to boot Wild Waste from the calender, shouldn't some heads roll for this?

And shouldn't there be some accounting or explanation of how these things get bungled, and should that explanation come a bit sooner than 2 or 3 months after the date things should have happened.

Certainly some people know what's going on, their silence is the condemnation.

I mean the LACK of Professionalism is obvious, as is the lack of confidence in those not handling this.
Should they all be dropped?

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

Black Rocket Rally Tires
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