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After learning about Pat and Denise disassociation with Rim of the World. Here is what I think...

Rim has grown quite a bit in the last 5 years, a direct result of efforts made by some very talented people (Gibeaults, McMahons, Timmeran, Hockers, Turners, etc).

Ray is now in charge of the commercial aspect of Rim, which means, he has to ran it as a business. I wish him the best of luck, we know he is very capable, as demonstrated by his Ramada Express International Rally, and by the latest edition of Rim of the World. For reasons we are not famliar with, he has decided to discontinue the rally's association with the McMahons. He is the Chairman, he must have his reasons.

As for Pat and Denise, and again, this is just the way I see it, they have a fantastic rally future ahead of them. We are fortunate to have them as our SCCA SOPAC stewards, and I say fortunate, because we know how hard they work for our sport, but most important, we know (I least I know), the caliber of people they are.

Their involvement with Rim took lots of their free time, and I think that's the real reason Pat never finished his car. I want him out there driving, and want to compete againts him, because I know he is an excellent driver.

The McMahons involvent with rally goes well beyond volunteering for Rim of the World, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Tony Chavez
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