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If you don't know my Justy... don't judge, If you know my justy, well... don't judge. ;) but it's fun as hell, cheap, and well... cheap, and fun, and fun, and cheap (notice "fast" is missing), but in actual fact it can be dam quick if it holds together, and i have some practice...

So... I'm trying to build some boingy things for it...

In full disclosure I Justy posted this over at RA, and there's a ton of background on the car there... I'm not a FB poster, so thought maybe it might get some more attention here too...

I have some um, dubious inverted billies... some sorta "jdm-b-spec rally crap" from a immmpwneza or maybe a legacy... I can't remember... but they are 40 mm tubes, and have a whole wacking 7" of travel!, compared to my 5.5"! soooo... damn the torpedoes.

If I'm gonna build semi-somewhat-super-beeching-suspenderners, I need to think tubes and bearing bushes, and clearances and schtuff.

The stock justy stuff is inside a 45mm tube... this fits in the knuckle as a pinch, not welded eyes. For the time being I would like to keep this config, so I have back-ups in the stock (my modified sheet) stuff...

Fwiw, I have never broken suspension... pounded it yes, but never bent anything without sliding into a rock first that knocked out the whole subframe... so...

first pic is the stock Justy left with the 40 mm billy right... same OA length! and even same thread! wow! might be able to use stock tops... but that may change, not part of this current discussion.

Question 1: Tube sizing... so.. these fit in a 40X45mm tube... of which I have some (stock tubing) but there is no space for a bush, so if I turn it out to fit even a thin bush, wall size is getting thin... then if I thread the outside for a spring seat... even thinner... I could add a sleeve or the threading. but is 1.5 mm to thin for a tube??? it seems thin to me...

I have some 2"DOM that is like 45mm id... well 2" DOM 120 wall, that I could bore... Oh yeah, I have a real lathe. Then I could sleeve and weld in the 45 mm tube to fit the knuckle, gives me lots of meat, and lots of room for big fat bushes (40x45mm) But seems overkill? I see "rally spec" bushes for the 40 mm billies are 42 mm od, so maybe my 45 mm tube is okay???

1.75 DOM is pretty close to 45mmm and I have some of that on hand (right of billy first pic)... I could make the tubes from that...

but I could just use the stock tubes (second pic) here in a rear tube I had cut open...

Yes... that is a triple carbed, dry sumped Justy motor in the back of an MGB GT... ;)



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I remember seeing Justy a few years ago in Hope rally-x and then on the Barnes lake snow-x.
wondering what happened to it.
As for this one well... when i was building Mini rally car i adopted front STi's struts for front suspension and Bilstein off-road shocks with external canisters. Bilsteins worked wonders.
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