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>4 super stages, finally somebody in the SCCA Pro rally gets
>I can't wait .
>Ray great, great ,great job.

It's not a question of people "getting it." I'm sure all sorts of people in SCCA ProRally want to have super stages, and every evaluation of the state of the sport that I've seen mentions that. It's a question of finding a suitable venue, finding the budget to develop it, and finding a suitable number of people to staff it.

I am ecstatic to see that Ray and the Rim of the World group will be able to pull it off this year, and I hope to be there to enjoy it.

I would love to do that in Oregon, but we don't have the luxury of using the same roads every year. We have to scratch and claw every year to find forest stages, and it is just not a priority item to do a super special. Although having said that, we are engaged in some preliminary discussions about possibly doing an interesting stage...

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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