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Ben is correct....it is very hard for the organizer(s) all over USA and in Canada to be able to do something like this...not to mention even for Rim. But you do not know yet what the other ProRallys/rallys are doing yet..they have not made announcement...they may have something bigger and better. There are rallys out there where the roads are awesome, beautiful scenery and great facilites. Each rally as I think is unique venue to the sport.

We were talking about this new facility a year ago, but it was not fully finished. Also, not every ProRally venue may have a option to be able to do these types of things due to location, location, location. Even if they could try to move their venue and/or do something new or add to the rally; they maybe coming up against forestry service, BLM, residents of the area, etc. These are things the public or competitors do not know because they are not there seeing what these people are doing or up against. All you see is the day of the event(s) and how great and successful it was or failed for some odd reason either due to weather conditions, lack of volunteers, and the list can go on.

I know that all of these organizers due their darnest to put on the best rally they can with what they have to use. It is not easy and it takes dedication from supportive people who come back every year to help...which I mean the organization committee, sponsors, and the day of the event volunteers. So kudos and good luck and have some fun out there this coming 2004 season to all organizers, organizing committees, those precious day of the event volunteers!

Now I have to get to work right after the holidays and find volunteers for Rim. Anyone game to help out on working the day of the event? E-mail me and e-mail as well to all other rallys in your location to help out and/or ideas...they need your support to make any of these rallys to be successful.

Thanks for reading my two cents worth.

Denise McMahon
[email protected]
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