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I think there are enough people interested in competing in evenly matched cars that just setting up a spec car series would draw interest.

Timing is critical at this point: It is really late to get the program together for 2004, but introducing it, providing opportunities to see the cars, maybe even test the cars in preperation for 2005 seems smart

To draw more interest there are many variables:
- price the cars to be very affordable
- include all the needed equipment
- ensure the cars remain as designed (to spec)
- ensure the cars are competitive in an exsisting class for resale
- offer incentives (discounted replacement parts, contingencies, year end prize funds, opportunity for a paid or no expense season the following year...)
- assist with team marketing to help each team attract and retain individual sponsorship
- assists with exposure opportunities for the interested teams (might even require it) at auto shows, local events

Someone familiar with the Suzuki class in Canada or the old truck class in the US might be able to add additional do's and do not's

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