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I think that the resale is so high because of the immaculate upkeep of the cars, they are nearly as good as new when cared for properly. It also helps that the sponsorship comes not only in the form of dollars but cheap parts. If you wrap it up you can buy a shell with a cage in it for what it cost if not less. None of this, I need to go buy a new car or find a shell in Europe and take it on shipping and import taxes on top of getting screwed by the guy importing it because he is the only one ext. O. K. enough of that. The basic idea is you need to have a sponsor willing to support this class with real dollars and real parts with an interest in the marketing and talent development. Not just a company interested in providing some cars at a reasonable price, after profit, and convincing the SCCA to score another class.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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