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OMG <snicker>...I just saw a pic of the Redline Ion.

Do you know the wing that's on the Mitsubishi Evo VIII? Full trunk width, at least a foot above it, vertical stabilisers on either side?

Yes, exactly....

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Take it easy with the jokes, guys.

Didn't you get the memo announcing that General Motors is now hip & cool?x(

They have declared themselves "phat", "sick" and "all that" as well as hiring 'Taz' as their hip spokesdevil. Also, Chevy-driving Dale Jr. (#8 to all you with-it NASCAR folk) is now officially the "rebel bad-boy" driver in Winston Cup as scientifically documented by his pierced ear and his licensed tough-guy ballcap.

GM knows how to relate to all you car enthusiasts on this forum who drool with unabashed envy each time you spot an Escalade cruise by on blingin' 24's crankin' the tunes from the 'system'. This is what you car guys crave, isn't it?????

Other carmakers are just quaking in their boots at the prospect of more brilliant GM products (aka "The Mark of Excellence").

Sorry for the sarcasm. I truly hope GM gets a clue in the near future.:p
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