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The Rally of the Tall Pines team is back at it again! In our continuing efforts to bring you the best rally in Canada, we have been working hard on www.tallpinesrally.com. The new website for 2003 is bigger, better and prettier than ever before!

Have a browse through the website and check out the latest news, events and pictures from last years awesome event!

As the rally approaches (November 21-22, 2003) we'll be adding many exciting new features like easy to use on-line registration for workers and competitors and on-line contests to win cool Tall Pines merchandise!


Spread the word! The countdown has begun!

- The Rally of Tall Pines Team -
Richard Hepburn
Assistant Coordinator: Tall Pines Rally - Bancroft, Ontario
Website: www.tallpinesrally.com

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Good Job!!!
look nice...and its way a head in time..Thats GOOD!!!
i dont understand how some rally are so late to update there website...we get info 2 month in advance...its to late..i need all the info 6 month befor at least... thank you!:)

i would like to see pix form all thecompetitors...specialy the one that brake podium LOL :+
but beside thats its all cool


Alain Lavoie
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