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>i would like to ask your advise on that rally..is it a car
>braker ? any Big jump ? are the road very hard or is it
>generaly smooth... if you stay on the road ?

The roads are pretty smooth, but in previous years, the roads that were used more than once got a bit chewed up if there wasn't any snow.

This usually isn't too much of a problem if there's snow/ice though.

>is there a hi number of flat tire appening there ?

No more than any other rally, I think.

>any special advise for that ralllye...since its our first
>one ?

Watch out for Castledine's corner - it's clearly marked in the route book, but it catches people every year. Much of the rally is run at night, too, so make sure you have good lights.

The roads in general have tremendous variation. Some are wide and fast, others are narrow and slow. Some are a bit rough, some are smooth.

>im very exited..i cant whait :9

Neither can I. See you there!
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