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we are getting ready for the Pines...
its going to be our firts performance rallye...

Iv been whatching all of he past Tall pines TV show from the past year so i could get mentaly kind of prep for that event...

The winter road and summer ditch seam like a lot of unforgiving funn...

its freaking cool over here..in ottawa..i gess it the same in Bancroft...so snow....let just say that i wont forget my snow tires.

i would like to ask your advise on that rally..is it a car braker ? any Big jump ? are the road very hard or is it generaly smooth... if you stay on the road ?

is there a hi number of flat tire appening there ?

any special advise for that ralllye...since its our first one ?
on driving and logistic ?

we ordored the descriptive stage note..was it a good move for a firts time? we are use to quebec sprint rallye stage note...

im very exited..i cant whait :9


Ont va lavoire notre permis d'bières !!!!
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