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Ok, I have limited experience at the pines, BUT I recently drove quite a bit of the route on the road work day. From that I can tell you that there are nice wide fast roads, and some narrower more rough roads. The roads that were the smoothest were usually the widest. There are a few places in egan creek this year that if you do not slow down you WILL break as there are several (6?) little fords made out of HUGE limestone rocks. But overall I would say its very very far from a car breaker. My little tercel made it through just fine thankyou. Like I said I don't really know what the 'real' rallyists would say, but I thought it was not even close to a car breaker(provided you stay between the trees ;) ) Perhaps some of the numerous rallyists here who have participated in the pines can shed some more light on the conditions.

In any case the event should be spectacular this year. Keith Townsend and crew have put in a phenomonal amount of work into it and it looks as though it will pay off handily!

John Vanos
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