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I'm writing a little history to celebrate the return of the Olympus. I have lots of notes on the world championship 86-88, but I'm looking for interesting stories about the early years too.

When I look at the legendary names on the list of Olympus Rally winners, I just know there are some great stories out there.

1973 Gene Henderson, Ken Pogue, AMC Jeep Wagoneer
1974 Gene Henderson, Ken Pogue, AMC Jeep Cherokee
1975 John Buffum, Vicki Gauntlett, Ford Escort RS 1600
1976 John Buffum, Vicki Gauntlett, Porsche Carrera
1977 Ron Richardson, Ray Hocker, Plymouth Arrow
1978 John Buffum, Doug Shepherd, Triumph TR7
1979 Hendrik Blok, Damon Trimble, Plymouth Arrow
1980 Rod Millen, Dave Weiman, Mazda RX-7
1981 Rod Millen, Bob Kraushaar, Mazda RX-7
1982 John Buffum, Doug Shepherd, Audi Quattro
1983 Rod Millen, Dale Kraushaar, Mazda RX-7
1984 Rod Millen, Dale Kraushaar, Mazda RX-7 4WD
1985 Hannu Mikkola, Arne Hertz, Audi Sport Quattro E2
1986 Markku Alen, Ilkka Kivimaki, Lancia Delta S4
1987 Juha Kankkunen, Juha Pironen, Lancia Delta HF
1988 Miki Biasion, Tiziano Siviero, Lancia Delta Integrale

I mean there's got to be a heck of a story about running a Jeep Wagoneer at any kind of speed down a NW forest road and who's Ron Richardson and how did he break into the middle of the Buffum streak?

Let's get this historic thread back on track, share some history with me!

Jim Culp
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