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RE: The LSP(O)R Report, 2002

Hmmm...methinks I've ruptured a motherboard trace at Yahoo...
A fix is in the works as we speak. Once everything's back to normal (yeah, right...), the world will be notified as to the fix. As always, we thank you for your support.

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RE: The LSP(O)R Report, 2002

>Okay, so the best (he) can do is post the pix on (Mad Mike's RealAutoSport.com website), which means (this will be simple) ...
>anyway, there are a couple of shots in there that folks
>might very well pay(him) to delete...
>LSP(O)R 2002 by Charlie KA8OQF
>(NOTE - in the interest of safety and possible legal
>repercussions, all times are vaguely approximate...)
>WEDS 16 Oct 2002
>1130am = get up, struggle into clothes, dash for the bus
>1200pm = pick up Avis renter, bring home, load gear, wire
>radios, apply insignia...

>530pm = scrape off the top layer in the shower, flop out in
>bed, read, try to nap for long drive ahead.
>830pm = enough is enough...get up, get dressed, check the
>stove, the lights, the back door, and I'm on the road
>THURS 17 Oct 2002
>930pm = gassed, iced, and rolling...
>1100pm = Indianapolis...geez, these guys must think they
>work for the state of Ohio, the way everything's under
>300am = Chicago and gas.
>745am = Escanaba MI and gas.
>845am = arrive former significant other's workplace.
>Promised her I'd stop by. We chitchat for awhile, catching
>up on who/what/when/where, then she lets me crash
>in the big easy chair in the corner of the office. Oh,
>didn't I mention the boss was out racing his bike at
>Bonneville? Silly me...
>1100am = brain cells now returned to more-or-less sequential
>order. Off we go...
>100pm = arrive Houghton. For the 28th time, I has arrived...
>430pm = after checking into the room, unloading a thing or
>three, and registrating at registration, we proceed to the
>airport for the practice stage, finally getting a good
>look at what conditions are liable to be for '02. Mein Gott
>In Himmel...hope everyone brought their oatmeal tires...With
>much spinning and sliding, I take station on
>the back straight, having violated the 11th commandment on
>the rental agreement; "Thou shalt not drive thy rented
>vehicle on unpaved surfaces." Note to self - find location
>of nearest self-serve car wash...



> (The Sanford boys told Mom that they were just running down
>to the store for a few things...)
>730pm = Practice stage concludes. Car wash located. $3.00 in
>quarters later, car is 100lbs lighter...proceed to Library
>Bar for annual ceremonial consumption of The Original James
>Baird Reuben Sandwich (yum)...as I arrive, I note a good
>time being had by a member of The Left Coast Contingent...


>1130pm = horizontal time...hey, the College Motel has The
>Speed Channel on cable...
>FRI 18 Oct 2002
>400am = finally turn the tube off and go to sleep...
>1215pm = awake, abluted, dressed, gassed up, chowed down,
>and rolling...


> (I did at least take a minute to notice how pretty the
>local landscape was this year.)
>330pm = the Casino Service...the troops are due in
>twice...while waiting, I get some one-handed cardio exercise
>in (one pull at a time...I won $1.35!)


> (This is NOT a stage...it's the Casino Service Area.)


> (The conditions didn't bother some people at all...)


> (Other folk viewed conditions with a somewhat jaundiced


> (...and some poor dumb Michigan navvie decided he didn't
>need a car to go play in the mud...)
>630pm = Kenton Service, where 95% of the rest of the evening
>was spent, running hither and thither locating various and
>sundry people for various and sundry things...


>(click the photo to view large size -- HIGHLY recommended)
>(Some were having a bit of a rough time out there...what's
>wrong with this picture, Mike?)

HOST's NOTE: That's the "tire" we drove on for over half (8 miles maybe) of SS5-Passmore. We'd have won that stage had we not had our one & only navvie/madman miscommunication at a square left/junction with spectators near the end of the stage. That hiccup led to us coming to a complete stop which easily burnt WAY more than the 2 seconds we were slower than the Johnson & Johnson Neon.


> (Others were enjoying things quite a bit...our esteemed
>host Mr. Bradley here...)


> (Hoppy's Bar was serving up chili again, to the enjoyment
>of Ms. Suddard and Mr. Widget.)


> (Doug Havir was enjoying his big umbrella.)


> (...and of course, some people were having WAY too much
>SAT 19 Oct 2002
>100am = arrive Alston MTC...violate rental agreement again
>by proceeding toward where 514 is being towed back out to
>pavement...catching them behind sweep, we roll out to 38 and
>Laird Road where we await their service crew. who arrives,
>evaluates the scene, and hooks up for a 40+ mile flat tow
>back to Houghton...the
>snow/sleet/rain makes for an interesting trip, as I tail-end
>the tow with flashers going...at 38 & 41, the strap breaks
>just as the car reaches dead center in the
>intersection...much running&huffing&puffing as crew members
>muscle it to the shoulder before someone decides to take it
>home as a trophy, draped across their hood...back to town at
>maybe 300am, in bed by 315am...speed channel until 400...
>1215pm = having slept through the alarm (which blared for an
>hour), I have quickly showered and am attempting to put on
>my pants, shoes, and socks in that order when the phone
>rings..."Hello?...yeah, Doug, I know...I'm awake, just about
>to go out the door soon as I'm dressed...see ya on the
>1230pm = 41 North to Delaware Mine, Brockway Mountain, and
>Copper Harbor.
>1240pm = @#$%&@#$%&@#$%& construction on 41...
>200pm = arrive Copper Harbor service...


> (Copper Harbor is about 30 miles PAST here...)


> (Longtime rally aficionados will recognize Earl The Dead
>Cat, sharing a tender moment with teammate Henry
>Krolikowski...Henry's wife and co-driver Cindy was
>unavailable for comment...)
>430pm = Copper Harbor resumes its peaceful slumber for
>another year, as the field heads back down south...


> (Fall in the UP can be so pretty...and so short. Remember
>this picture...)

> (Askin & Smith doin' the deed at the Delaware Delta...five
>minutes later, sweep was proceeding through at
>speed...wouldn'tcha know I was out of film when the red Jeep
>hung the hard right in the soft stuff, and blew the left
>front tire just as he hit the gas? He did get a great round
>of applause from the spectators...)
>600pm = The last car has cleared the 41 service area, and
>I'm headed back to Houghton when the weather gods throw a
>snit fit...


> (Remember that beautiful picture of the leaves back about
>430 or so? This was less than two hours later...)


> (Are you having trouble coming up with ideas for
>sponsorship? Maybe you ought to talk to this guy...)

> (And of course, local law enforcement was assisted by the
>Upper Peninsula Navy...)
>900pm = Napped, showered, refreshed, we attend the pizza
>party/awards ceremony...it's good seeing old friends
>SUN 20 Oct 2002
>1215am = snagged some untouched pizza from the party
>(breakfast, y'know), and headed back to the room. The Speed
>Channel calleth...
>300am = zonk out early this time.
>230pm = up, showered, loaded, breakfasted (cold pizza is
>really quite good, ya know?), gassed, and on the road to
>500pm = after numerous picture stops, arrive former
>significant other's parents' house for her Mom's 80th
>birthday celebration. Much hooing and hahing, as we haven't
>seen each other in ten years or more. Much cake&ice
>cream&catching up on old times (geez, I don't remember them
>kids being that big...).
>700pm = after departure, stop at Togo's to load auxiliary
>cooler with large quantities of the world's best submarine
>sandwiches, bagged and on ice (one guess what I'll be eating
>for lunch at work for better than a week...)
>730pm = decide to indulge in some more one-hand cardio
>exercise...the nickel and quarter machines tapped me for $20
>each, but I wound up winning $15 at the roulette
>table...hmmm...maybe I should switch games...
>1000pm = on the road, looking at the sky and mumbling dark
>phrases about the scattered cloud cover and the full moon,
>both of which make a short stargazing session a waste of
>time for this year...darn, brought that telescope along for
>MON 21 Oct 2002
>100am = The Bridge.
>330am or thereabouts = ...gas stop
>600am = That's it. Rest stop outside Ann Arbor on 23. Sleep.
>830am = The tiny little alarm clock balanced on my chest
>warbles me back to consciousness. A little cold water on the
>face, and we're off again.
>1000am = Ohio state line.
>1200pm = Dayton city limits.
>1230pm = Valuables out of car, alarm set, an insurance
>wakeup call to the supervisor at work...nappy time...
>230pm = up, stumble into shower, stagger around wondering
>where I left those clothes I laid out last Wednesday
>night...aha, here we go...
>400pm = on the phones at the Help Desk..."Hey, man, I just
>poured a beer in my keyboard...that gonna hurt
>anything?"..."Naah, just rinse it out in the tub and hang it
>off the back porch for a day. It'll be fine..."
>TUES 22 Oct 2002
>1201am = Shift over. Lights out, fan off, alarm set, out the
>1225am = At home, lights out, in bed, begin
>Earlier this summer, while cleaning out the Plymouth before
>it went to the junkyard (leaky water pump, blown head
>gasket, no horn, one wiper, bald tires, bad brakes, muffler
>in the trunk, HUGE holes in the floorboards), I ran across a
>couple of pictures from way back when. While rooting through
>the dresser while packing for
>LSPR, I ran across an old shirt. Here now is the conclusion
>of this little photo essay, entitled Then And Now...


> (These two pictures were taken at the 1984 POR, and made it
>into QST, the monthly magazine of The American Radio Relay
>League, in a short article about mobile radio setups. The
>pictures were also reproduced in the tech book Hints&Kinks
>for at least eight years, again in the section about mobile
>setups. I'm in
>Parc Expose, under the parking deck in downtown Houghton.)



> (Eighteen years later, same event, same place...a little
>older, a little wiser, a little grayer, a little
>heavier...but hey, the shirt still fits!)

Thanks for the story Charlie ...

Halley ...
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