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Dear Friends, Rally Competitors, Marshals and Organizers of the 2003 Cochrane Canadian Tire 100 Year Rally,

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you all for your generous and heartfelt wishes and words of kindness. Through this difficult time, we have seen and spoken with many of you and received many ?get well? notes from many others. In particular we would like to thank the following people for their very direct and immediate support and assistance during and after the accident.

Thank you to Zibi Szewczyk, Rome Awde, Janusz Komorowski, Keith Morison and Shawn Bishop who have visited us at the hospital and supported us during our pain. Thank you to Peter Hill, who was extremely helpful in the service area and assisted us with loading up for the trip to the hospital. Thank you to Scott Trinder and Bill Westhead, whose usual quick driving prompted an equally quick arrival of the ambulance. Scott and Bill, don?t worry about the rule book procedure, you did the right thing!

Thank you to Martin and Graham Burnley who stayed with us at the scene of the accident and provided emergency first aid until the professionals arrived. Thanks you to the professional medical team of Ward Industrial Ambulance that took fantastic care of our injuries in a very efficient and meticulous manner. Thank you to Paul Snider who recovered our rally car from between the trees. We hope not to see you again in such a situation for a long time to come.

The biggest thanks of all however, must go to the CARS Rally West Regional Director, Suzanne Stewart for her unending interest in our family?s well being. Suzanne?s commitment went above and beyond her duties as a director, and even a friend as she made daily visits to the hospital and nearly bi-hourly phone calls. Suzanne was there when we were admitted at the Hospital and stayed until late night when Ania was released. She assisted Kasia with taking Ania home and stayed with them for much of the night providing moral and emotional support. Suzanne has truly proven just what friendship really means, and showed us that the rally community is very much like a family.

We would also like to thank all those we cannot possibly mention in this letter, the marshals, competitors and fans who hoped for a safe finish to our ordeal. It is only in situations of great calamity that the family aspect of the rally community can be seen clearly. We are very proud and honored to be part of this family and hope that this confidence will linger for generations of rally enthusiasts to come.

For all those wondering about the car? yes we will be rebuilding it. Perhaps later than sooner, but we will not be hindered from enjoying this wonderful sport in its entirety. Besides, the damage is only cosmetic? a couple of gallons of bondo and some duck tape and the Talon will be running again!

Painfully yours in rally sport,

Ania, Tomasz and the rest of the Karzynski family.

P.S. Sorry for Cross Posting

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