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· 3/14=my 42nd rally anniversary
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>Where can i go to find info. on the history rally in the
>usa, i ask the because im writing a paper for school about
>that topic.

Visit the archives at www.rallyracingnews.com where you'll find press releases, results and some partial results - but TONs of info kept practically nowhere else.

Halley ...

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See the thread in the Vintage section about rally history lessons:
It's just screaming for you to post your paper in there. I for one would like to read what you learn, because I am suddenly feeling quite clueless on my rally history.

At least the other guys posting in there are making me feel much younger than my gray hairs would attest to.
ooooh, They aren't going to like that one at all!

-Rod Van Koughnet
Tulsa, OK
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