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Club competitors living in the NE and running the NEDiv ClubRally championship in 2003 would be just plain stupid to be paying the expensive entry fees for inferior events, lack of TV coverage (that may actually show you) many of the Canadian events will offer, being the unforgotten unwashed of SCCA, after having their combined National/Club events and associated opportunity for exposure and stagenotes taken from them that other SCCA ClubRally competitors have the luxury of having in other Divisions with dual entry events, and the lack of input for rule changes offered by SCCA that CARS provides.

Why pay more for less? Why bother renewing you SCCA license? CARS will issue you one.

Dave Shindle
2001 NEDiv champion codriver
2002 Ontario champion codriver

Been there, done that, trust me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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