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I'm removing the stickers from my car and some are well-produced and executed and others are just barely better than those paper Bank stickers from STPR.
I'm looking for a good/fast method to remove the blue one in the topmost "protected space" as the sticker is cheap and the glue a super pain.

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Goof-Off.... found at your local auto parts store


rip the sticker off (slow or fast depends on the quality of your paint work)

apply Goof-Off liberally with elbow grease...

WD-40 works wonders, but makes the metal under the paint darn near impossible to re-paint again (without MUCH prep work)

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RE: that darned sticker

>rip the sticker off (slow or fast depends on the quality of
>your paint work)

Also, the use of a hair dryer (or heat gun on very low setting)
will "usually" allow the decal to come off in one piece (although too much heat will leave more adhesive residue to be removed by GOOF OFF or plain ol' bug and tar remover (my solvent of choice)).

DeSolv-It also works fairly well for most residue and has that nice orange scent...

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