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I'd like to echo Christian's positive comments and add a couple.

From a co-driver perspective the transits in the route book were awesome.

The transit after lunch was I'd say 2 minutes too short.

The high school was great. I hope we helped those kids reach their goal of a trip to warmer climes. They could charge double next year. $1 for a cup of cocoa AND a donut? I nearly fell over. They sold themselves short.

Routebook for The Ranch was a busy read, nothing we couldn't deal with, but a couple of those instructions could have been left out.

The ATC at East Fish Lake BADLY needs to move about 200 yards further in. Having cars parked up on the main road was a safety hazard for sure.

On a similar subject, there needs to be some kind of traffic control on the main road at the practice stage. With all the extra service vehicles it was rather chaotic and the blind crests on that road I'm sure contributed to at least one minor fender-bender.

Apart from that, nothing else to comment on, except the tremendous commitment of the workers. Every single one of them was a friendly face, even after standing out in the freezing cold for god knows how long. First class. Overall, an excellent event.

Team SoCalRally Audi Quattro (and #59 WRX at SD)
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