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On behalf of all competitors and crew at last weekends Maine Winter Forest Rally I'd like to thank Lance Smith and Vermont Sportscar for providing the free lunch. For anyone not in attendance VT Sportscar had a tent set up with Free food and drinks. Since the service area was the Wilson Mills DOT lot there were no services. It was a super nice gesture and very welcome after those stages!

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I'd also like to add my thanks to Lance, Colin, Nelson and the crew. A most welcome break, excellently presented. Lance even had the grace to visit all the crew and make a personal invite.
I have to thank thank the organizers and all the workers as well. Even with the relatively pleasant winter weather it gets pretty cold by the end of the day.
Thanks for your work and your good humour. As always, the people are really the strength of the sport.
Thanks from Bill and Peter - Car 947

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>Except for those that were running way way late and never
>got to even see it x( x( x( Nobodys fault except, (the
>roads were covered with snow. If they had been dry I would
>have probably made it on time }> ).

Same here, except you guys were REALLY late...Sorry we couldn't tug you out, you were embedded snugly in the snow. Not as bad as we were, but we were like 6th-to-last and only lost about 25 minutes by the time sweep trucks pulled us out.

Missed the lunch, if I stop into VT Sports Car sometime I'll have to give them my gratitude anyway!

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