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With so many other hot topics flashing across the wire, it's easy to forget many of the hard-working people that are supporting our sport.

One such person is Phil Pausmer, super duper Subaru guy, who has arranged for a generous amount of goodies for the CRS. Every time we turn around we see another symbol of his generosity, from canopies to help shade the workers, to club-level contingency money to support the competitors, to incredible discounts to all members who might be interested in buying a new Subie.

A cynic might ask, "Does Phil's work benefit Subaru?" Of course it does, but I can tell you that his many efforts helps rallying a lot more than it helps his car company.

Anyway, this note is to publicly thank Phil Pausmer for his continued dedication to the California Rally Series and the sport of rally in general.

Rally on, "Uncle" Phil!


John Dillon
John @ WidgetRacing.com

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RE: Big Thanks to "Uncle Phil"

>Rally on, "Uncle" Phil!

Well said Mr. Dillon.

I have known Phil since I started racing Subaru's in early 1997. He was knowledgeable and helpful and enthusiastic then, and nothing has changed in over the past 5 years!

He is a great representative of the sport and his manufacturer.

Thanks Uncle Phil!

Paul "pablo" Eklund
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