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We certainly had a great time this year! I hope that all the competitors had a good time. Great competition out there guys and gals! We enjoyed it tremendously. I have received some great comments from the workers about the professionalism of the Pro Rally and Club ralliest. They had a great time and some want to become a rally driver and others are coming back to work Rim next year!
I had a guest from Wales (co-driver) that wanted to see what it was like over here on how we do rallying and give me a report on pro and cons. He had three pages and should report back to me within the next week or so after he runs the Belguim Rally. He said that WRC and other rallyiest are looking very closely on how we do over here in the states. We are coming close to having a championship rally here in in the distant future. He will be back next year with some friends after he reports to them regarding Rim. So I thank Michael Jones for coming over and enduring of staying up with me and Pat throughout the rally starting Tuesday of last week.
Lastly, Pat and I, Mike and Paula and Scott and Toni would like to take this time to thank all the 300 workers for enduring the 4-5 hours on Friday night and coming in half a sleep and all day Saturday dealing with dust and dirt in the shoes,eyes,mouth,etc......and still came to the hero finish to see who won and the others who finish Rim. You are a great bunch of guys and gals with a positive attitude and motivation to see that Rim puts on a great rally for the spectators to see. Also want to thank all the key people for putting in the mounds of work over the course of the year starting in July 2001 to make Rim successful. I know we had some glitches, but it is hard to put on a rally to be totally perfect, but you learn from your mistakes and improve for next year.
I am sending out a survey probably next week to all workers and competitors on what we can do for next year to make it even better.
Oh by the way volunteers.... do not forget Gorman, Treeline and Laughlin this year to help out on those rallys as well. They will be needing your help. So check for their websites to get in touch with the organizers.These are excellent rallys to work for and fun to watch as well!
So now I am finally going to get some sleep.

Denise McMahon
Global Operations Co-Director/Co-Organizer
Worker Coordinator
Rim Of The World Rally
[email protected]
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