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Fantastic job by the control teams at RNY, (Many being worked single handed!)
Even w/ the delays none of the workers got flustered. - or at least it did not show.

- Jeffy
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>>Even w/ the delays none of the workers got flustered. - or
>>least it did not show.
>They were too busy being entertained at the rediculously drunk
>guy at the start of stage 21!

But he was a friendly old codger, he seemed very hurt when we told him we couldn't take a couple of beers along for the ride. (really!)

Seriously this rally ran smooth for having so many stages. Thank you everyone esp. Ivan and Olga


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I especially thank:

- Ivan and Olga. They worked themsleves to exhaustion. I was with Olga a lot of the time and we were worried she was going to faint; we worked to keep her hydrated and not overworked but she never says no to any request from anyone for help. And Ivan really went all out and pushed hard to keep things moving.

- Radio net: The folks on the radio net did an impressive job of commuicating all sorts of information. It got a bit confusing at times, but they provided a vital need in the situation, a lot of eyes to report things, and a very high performance repeater site.

- Everyone else working: We had a few minor snafu's that I saw on time cards, but everyone did a good job. Some new folks worked for the first time and that is always good.

Very few workers got more than 6 hours of rest on Friday night, and some got only 3 hours, and were out for long hours on 2 consecutive days. It was good to see so much hard work and enthusiasm; I think the results showed.

Mark B.
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This does not explain that Mark Bowers showed up out of nowhere,
worked expertly for full two days at the time controls in the Service Parks
with Olga, Carol, Fran Gager and Eileen Deehan,
slept in Parc Ferme and provided all kinds of
equipment including lights, one of which ended up in
my car and will be returned.

Thank you very much Mark!

The same thanks go to the Chief of Communications Rich Otis who
worked tirelessly for months on setting up an amazing radio net
(I could work at home and monitor Shakedown Stage thirty miles away
on a hand-held radio communicating with a mobile in a car in front
of the house), Deputy Clerks of the Course Ed Jackson and Andy Wos
who worked also for months before the rally and the Stage Commanders
Linda Lourie, Bart Carlevaro, Brian Peltzer, Jim Blumenfeld and Gus
Lin who did an amazing job of setting up (Linda and Bart taped
seventy driveways on one stage) and tearing down the stages in the
dark and again cleaning them up on Sunday, and Lynnette Allison and
Donna and Ray Hocker who travelled from the West and worked for two

It is impossible to name all marshals and radio operators here.
There are too many. (And, it is not true at all that, as claimed
above, any controls were staffed with a single person.)

My special thanks go to John Lindsey, Chief Divisional Director
of National Auto Sport Association (NASA), a lawyer, who worked
with me tirelessley for weeks before the event on resolving insurance
issues regarding new issues such as fireworks, in which we
succeeded, and the use of a helicopter, which appears an impossible
task at the moment. He also agreed to serve as an event Steward.

My thanks go to all Stewards who provided great support but
particularly to Tom Burgess, the Chief Steward, a person with
decades of rallying experience as a competitor, organizer and
a FIA Steward, whom I have known for some fifteen years and with
whom I have an excellent working relationship.

Finally, let us not forget our major sponsors without whom the event
would have never taken place: County of Sullivan, Mighty M Gaming
at Monticello Raceway, Red Bull, Bank of America, Town of Tusten,
Town of Liberty and Ten Mile River Scout Reservation.

Many thanks to all who made this event a success!

Ivan Orisek

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International Rally New York was AWESOME!

As Chief Communications Officer I would like to thank everyone for all the positive feedback regarding communications. I thank you for the complements about the repeater coverage, but the real thanks should go to all the Ham Radio operators that volunteered their time, equipment, and there skill. We had an awesome team of Hams for this Rally and most have said they can't wait for the next one.
I welcome any feedback anyone would like to offer, please send comments to [email protected]

To all the Marshals thank you!

To all the competitors and their support teams Thanks for coming out to play, I hope you all enjoyed it.

73 All (that's Ham talk for Best regards)
Rich N2ZKX

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>.....and most have said they
>can't wait for the next one.

I can believe this; I chatted with a couple of the hams at the final Liberty service, and from the grins, it was clear that they really enjoyed themselves and were really charged from being a part of the event. I listened to the net almost the whole event, and it was well run.

Mark B.
(o yea....NM9S)
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